Whether routine maintenance or an emergency rapid repair, the QAB System makes it easy to keep on top of your 358 mesh fence maintenance.


Easily transportable, light weight and with fall arrest attachments available, the QAB System is the ideal solution for the quick access of you perimeter maintenance projects, video surveillance equipment, razor wire maintenance or PID systems.

It's the quick access bracket system that's ready to go when you are.

Sometimes, perimeter security maintenance just can't wait. Whether it's to repair a breach of the fence line or to install further security measures such as razor wire, the QAB System can be deployed as a rapid response.

No need to wait for costly, inefficient or time-consuming MEWPS or scaffolding: the QAB System can allow access to the perimeter fence line immediately for a rapid response to your maintenance emergencies.

Working from height can be fraught with risk. With ladders providing scant protection against accidents, the QAB System will give you a certified anchor point to attach positional work lanyards giving the ability to work in a seated position at the top of the fence, close to your task.