QAB Gets Top Security Showing

AFI UK Fencing Industry Awards 2022 Success

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Chris Johnstone on his Lifetime Contribution Award at the AFI UK Fencing Industry Awards 2022!

QAB was also fortunate to be featured in the latest edition of the Perimeter Systems Magazine!

QAB Gets Top Security Showing

Scottish-based QAB Systems has been nominated for an international award, giving the company a chance to win export opportunities in the Australian and Middle East markets for their easy-to-use lift system. QAB made it to the Perimeter Security Production of the Year at the International Intersec 23 in Dubai, beating over 2,000 entries in all classes. Although they didn’t win, QAB gained exposure to overseas markets and generated considerable interest, showcasing the QAB system at the UK Defence and Security Exports demonstration centre at Larkhill in Wiltshire. The company has been gaining share in the UK since its full introduction three years ago, and it has recently developed a heavyweight system for high-security meshes.

‘It’s all about improving working conditions within health and safety,’ said Wood. ‘Even the military are bound to look at such aspects to make sure staff are safe.’

With patents in a number of countries, the QAB bracket can handle loads up to 500 kg, and a full system has evolved of compatible ladders, scaffold towers and anchors. It has MOD accreditation in the UK and has been developed this year to handle SR2 twin skin mesh panels.

‘We feel we have taken a significant step by gaining inclusion at the Larkhill centre, which is not simply a visitor centre but can also be viewed online from anywhere in the world,’ said Wood.

Although the QAB bracket was designed by WCC Westcoat managing director Chris Johnstone, who won the Richard Corrie Lifetime Contribution at last year’s AFI industry awards, it is Wood who has been banging the safety drum in a bid to educate the industry.

‘It’s a fail-safe system for installing mesh and, with the other system accessories, can be used in extremely restricted areas. Installers and project managers are beginning to understand that they are putting themselves and their companies at enormous risk if they flout H&S. ‘We’ve had cases of installers being refused access to sites because they are not using the QAB System. ‘It is not simply about making a job easier but keeping people safe in what can be a very dangerous environment,’ said Wood.

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