The Safest Way to Install Temporary 358 Security Mesh

A man in safety gear ascends a 358 security mesh fence while attached with rope access equipment and being hoisted by a telehandler.

Utilising the QAB System with telehandlers make installations safer


In a world of ever increasing security threats to public spaces, sporting venues and even shopping centres, the control of crowds and protection of assets has never been a more high priority.


Depending on the application, the systems available are either lightweight mesh held in place by composite blocks, commonly found at concerts, football matches or temporary compounds for construction sites.


For more high security venues, construction on CPNI sites and high profile events, the temporary system may be 358 mesh on top of heavy weight concrete blocks secured by security bolts. These heavy weight systems require powered lifting equipment to lift concrete blocks and 358 mesh frames into place.


The use of rated lifting equipment and accessories must be utilised to form part of the lifting plan. This makes installation not only safer, but also compliant with LOLER regulations.


If a telehandler is on site for lifting the concrete blocks it makes sense to use it for installing the fence panels and frames.


Make life easier as well as safer, invest in the QAB bracket system. The end to end solution for installing 358 systems. Lightweight, no ground surveys required, assists with compliance with working at height and LOLER requirements.


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