Secure Sterile Zone Creation with QAB Systems


358 security mesh fences protect vulnerable, confidential and secure areas across the globe. Because of this, the 358 security mesh fence has to withstand a lot. Whether its malicious damage to vandalise or gain access, or simply wear and tear from time and elemental exposure; damage, maintenance and repair is a fact of life when it comes to 358 security mesh fence line.


Where damage has occurred to a 358 security mesh fence, it while require immediate reparation in order for continued asset security. In most cases this will require the removal of one or more fence panels and removal of fence top defences, razor wire or PID, etc. This can leave an asset undefended, leading to a requirement for a 24 hour security guarded service, and inflated emergency repair costs.


This is why any 358 security mesh repair solution must be rapidly deployed and incredibly secure.


So, short of hiring expensive security firms or challenging emergency repairs, what can be done?


The solution is the QAB Systems Bubble Bracket.


The QAB Systems Bubble Bracket gives the ability to create a “sterile bubble” around the damaged section of the fence prior to removal. This bubble can be created and attached to to the fence with up to ten QAB Systems Bubble Brackets. This provides a robust connection point to attach fence panels to the existing fence, creating a secure work area and continued asset protection whilst repair work is underway. A temporary fence topping relocation bracket may be used in conjunction with this where a threat assessment requires it.


Once the sterile bubble is created the repair contractors can work within the area in a safe environment and the client can be assured of continued security whilst the repairs are carried out without the need for manned security guarding of the section.


The QAB Systems Bubble Bracket provides a rapid, flexible and bespoke system of 358 security mesh fence protection in the event of damage. In assets where security is the number one priority, every second counts. The QAB Systems Bubble Bracket is the speedy solution to your 358 security mesh fence line repair issues.


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