Making Access to 358 Security Mesh Safe


There are many different types of security fencing available, and there is no one inherently correct type. The variation of security fencing required depends on the job itself, the location and any barriers to access or installation.


However, in many secure settings, 358 Security Mesh is the standard for physical perimeter security. Also known as prison mesh, 358 Security Mesh is utilised across the globe in a range of highly sensitive and security conscious environments.


Sectors and locations where 358 security mesh is a fundamental protective measure include:


Water companies



Ports and Harbour authorities


Communication sites

Nuclear facilities


Transport hubs

Power stations


358 security mesh is a global standard that protects vital assets of both monetary value and National Security across the world.


The nature of security fencing means that it is difficult to get access to, otherwise it wouldn’t be very secure! However, in order for any fence to provide complete protection it must be regularly maintained, and that means allowing for a safe and secure system of access for maintenance specialists to keep perimeters in check.


In this, QAB Systems have developed a system of safe and secure access to 358 Security Mesh fence line in order to make maintenance more efficient, safe and readily available.


The Quick Access Bracket System will swiftly overcome installation and maintenance issues of 358 security mesh and security attachments.


The System has evolved to attach access ladders and alloy towers to 358 mesh in order to perform maintenance to Video surveillance systems, repair and installation of Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID), electrification systems and razor wire.


The QAB is lightweight, easily transportable and requires no ground surveys as would be required with powered access, thus reducing the carbon footprint of access.


The system has a Global patent and is manufactured in the UK


The system provides a cost effective solution where work at height regulations apply. A versatile rescue system and full training can also be provided for full compliance with Work at Height Regulation of 2005.


A range of styles of brackets are available depending on the application, lifting brackets to crane panels into place, ladder securing brackets for reactive maintenance, rescue brackets for identified rescue point, alloy tower securing brackets and rope access brackets for situations where the fence is to be used as an anchorage.


All of these solutions allow for ease of access and ready maintenance to 358 Security Mesh, whether that be for routine maintenance or a rapid emergency repair: an essential requirement for highly sensitive and secure areas.

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