358 Security Mesh: the Global Standard

Where security is demanded at the highest levels, 358 Security Mesh is the go-to choice for providing impenetrable perimeter defence as well as affording the ability to support other security deterrents such as PIDS, CCTV and razor wire. The 358 Security Mesh is utilised across the globe in a variety of sensitive locations; from prisons to oil fields, nuclear, airports, data centres, hospitals, and any other security-conscious location.

The QAB System brackets fixes securely to 358 Security Mesh.

The high security 358 welded mesh fencing is extremely difficult to penetrate and difficult to attack by using conventional tools. Because of the anti-climbing and anti-cutting features, 358 welded mesh security fencing is also called an anti-climb fence.

It also provides flexible height options. Several panels can be installed on top of each other, thus the 358 mesh fencing can achieve a total height of 6300 mm.

There are two enhanced versions of 358 mesh: 2D security fencing and 3D security fencing. 2D fence panels increase strength by 6 mm vertical wire and additional 4 mm wires at 152.4 mm centres on the inside face. It has double horizontal wires at 152.4 mm centres. This structure makes the fence panel very rigid and has a higher level of strength and security than the common 358 mesh fence. 2D security fencing is widely used for schools, industrial sites, infrastructure, and other high-security areas.

3D security fence enhanced its safety and appearance level with pressed horizontal “V” shaped beams. It is a unique barrier solution that combines a high level of safety requirement and aesthetic effect.

While 358 security mesh is often the last line of defence for a sensitive location and provides a very obvious and sometimes much needed visible deterrent, the installation and maintenance of 358 security mesh can be expensive and inefficient. However, the QAB System changes all of that.

Cost-effective, lightweight and easily transportable to hard to access sites, the QAB System allows for easier installation and maintenance of 358 security mesh, without the use of MEWPs or scaffolding.

For installation, the QAB System can allow for effective lifting of panels up to 500kg in weight, as well as enabling operatives to move and handle panels into position.

A crane utilises the QAB System lifting bracket to lift a double mesh fence panel into place.

Not only that, but the QAB System effectively enhances your working at height activities by providing better access to hard to reach areas for maintenance. This system also operates as effective rope access anchors, with a secure fall restraint system, and can be used as positional equipment for the safety and comfort of your operatives working at height on 358 security mesh projects.


358 security mesh is a cost-effective, visible and highly impactful means of providing a visible and physical deterrent to sensitive and security-conscious locations. With its use becoming more prevalent in an ever-expanding pantheon of industries and sectors, it’s time to think about how you can save time, money and headaches on your 358 security mesh project.


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