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QAB Brackets securing access tower to 358 mesh fence

Powered Access Alternative

All access to security fences will require working at height therefore the 2005 work at height regulations will apply to work on fence top systems.


The hierarchy of control will apply-

  1. Avoid- avoid work at height where possible, use of reach pole systems, drones etc.

  2. Use an existing safe place of work (not possible for systems on fences)

  3. Provide work equipment to prevent falls using collective measures such as handrails.

  4. Mitigate distance and consequence of the fall, use of harnesses, PPE including fall protection devices such as self retracting lifelines to minimise the distance and therefore the consequence of the fall

  5. Instruction and training on the safe systems of work and supplied equipment


Companies use powered access as a safe method to access height. This can be cost prohibitive to hire or own. The transport of powered access to site also has hidden costs to the environment as well as the requirement to perform ground surveys, not only for delivery access but to ensure the MEWP will be a stable platform to work from.


Alloy access towers can now be attached to 358 security mesh fences with no requirement for outriggers giving safe access to height behind a handrail. This equipment can be easily transported to site, it is lightweight and easy to erect. There is no requirement for ground surveys due to the light footprint and fact that the tower is physically attached to the fence. 


The QAB bracket attaches alloy towers to 358 mesh with a patented EN795b system


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