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Maintenance on fence using QAB ladder an

Fence Maintenance Access Solutions

When the issue is urgent or if the access to the problem is not viable with other methods the QAB ladder access Brackets may be the answer. 

Easily transportable, light weight and with the ability to have a fall arrest system attached, this may be the solution to quickly access video surveillance equipment, razor wire maintenance or PID systems.

The HSE guidance for ladder use is that they may be used for light work of short duration whilst maintaining 3 points of contact. 

If you are working from the top of a ladder you will probably need both hands for the task, so a ladder on its own may not be the answer. By using a harness and associated QAB brackets this will give you a certified anchor point to attach a positional work lanyard(s) giving the ability to work in a seated position at the top of the fence, close to your task.


QAB systems can also provide a rescue system to give full compliance with the 2005 work at height regulations.


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