The Importance of Maintaining Perimeter Security during COVID-19

358 security mesh fence surrounding a building yard with lorries and building materials on a sunny day.

It almost goes without saying that COVID-19 has created unprecedented upheaval in all areas of our lives, across the globe. Whether you’re reading this from your hastily constructed home office, dealing with the difficulty of job insecurity, or ensuring frontline key workers are adequately protected and provided for, the COVID-19 crisis has touched the lives of everyone across the planet.


One of the most crucial signifiers of the COVID-19 crisis has been sweeping lockdowns of all non-essential businesses across the country. This has created ghost towns where once were bustling metropolises, and in this isolation, non-domestic premises and worksites have been left vulnerable to intrusion.


Indeed, data provider Glenigan has found that coronavirus-related shutdowns have cost the construction industry £104bn, with 26 percent of total construction sites now closed, representing 65 percent of value of all work under construction.


The Enhanced Threat of Organised Property Crime


A recent Europol report warned that organised property crime is set to rise as criminals take advantage of lockdown measures across Europe.


Reports of various types of criminal endeavours involving theft have already been adapted by professional criminals, including the increased targeting of commercial premises and medical facilities for organised burglaries.


“Despite the introduction of further quarantine measures throughout Europe, the crime threat remains dynamic and new or adapted types of criminal activities will continue to emerge during the crisis and in its aftermath.”

Europol’s Executive Director Catherine De Bolle said: “While many people are committed to fighting this crisis and helping victims, there are also criminals who have been quick to seize the opportunities to exploit the crisis. This is unacceptable: such criminal activities during a public health crisis are particularly threatening and can carry real risks to human lives. That is why it is relevant more than ever to reinforce the fight against crime. Europol and its law enforcement partners are working closely together to ensure the health and safety of all citizens”.”


So what does this have to do with perimeter security?




With reports of break ins and theft in medical institutions and commercial premises already rocking the UK, ensuring the perimeter to these key locations, or locations otherwise on lockdown, is absolutely essential. Indeed, rapid response teams are now being deployed to erect temporary security fencing to protect these assets.


Not only do perimeter security measures provide an instant physical and visible deterrent to criminals and trespassers, it is also a cost effective method of securing your property.


Maintenance is just as important


Premises are only as secure as their perimeter, and while perimeter fencing does provide an instant deterrent, it goes without saying that these may be breached or otherwise damaged. That’s why it’s important to consider the cost and availability of regular maintenance into your perimeter fencing action plan. Indeed, just installing your perimeter fencing solution will not ensure protection in perpetuity and maintenance of perimeter fencing solutions is an integral part of ensuring their efficacy.


Not only is maintenance essential to the efficacy of security fencing solutions, it may also be compulsory to ensure compliance with the terms of insurance coverage. Poorly maintained perimeter security can lead to the double whammy of criminal activity and a refused insurance claim.


Inspecting, repairing and testing perimeter fencing will ensure these measures perform to their specification. However, performing these tests and checks at height can prove tricky.


Increasing Installation and Maintenance Efficiency


With increasing demand and rapid deployment, it’s important to maximise efficiency in the installation and maintenance of any perimeter security system. This is especially so when working with security fencing systems at a height. That’s where QAB Systems can help.


QAB Systems


Our work within high-security establishments maintaining the perimeter security created a need for a safer, more efficient method of installing and maintaining security fenceline.


QAB Systems was developed in 2013 as a safe means of working on security fencing without the hassle and restrictions of traditional methods such as scaffolding and MEWPs. Sharing the same function as scaffolding our fencing quick access bracket eliminates issues once faced by these traditional methods, overcoming access and egress allowing the user to work safely on steep terrain.


The system eliminates the need for MEWPS or scaffolding. This is especially useful in remote or hard to access areas. It allows instant access with a minimum amount of equipment.


All products are made and tested in Scotland. Milled from solid blocks of steel.


“Working with WCC and their QAB system over the past two and a half years has been a joy. The QAB system is an innovative and versatile design, that allows working at height in various and complicated circumstances to be undertaken in a safe and secure manner. The system is easy to use, flexible and can be ready to use safely in a very short period of time. I was very pleased when the system came on site, taking away some tricky working at height scenarios and making them safe”.


Gavin Slate – HS&S Advisor, GallifordTry


If you are interested in a demo of the QAB system for your perimeter project then contact Gary at