Keeping Safe on Construction Sites with QAB Systems


While an easing of lockdown restrictions seems to be in sight after a long year of disruption, there are still stringent government requirements to on site operations in order to support and maintain social distancing.


maintains that social distancing of two metres is a requirement both on and off site, as well as the sustained use of PPE, due to the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus through respiratory droplets from coughs, sneezes and talking.


However, as we discussed in last week’s blog on COVID-19 and confined spaces, it can be difficult to maintain social distancing on site. This also extends to maintaining social distancing during your 358 mesh projects, whether that be a new installation project or in the continued maintenance of your fence line.


Traditional scaffolding or mobile access platforms can pose problems with social distancing. Not only is it difficult to maintain a reduced workforce with MEWPs or scaffolding, due to build up, tear down and healthy & safety requirements, it can also be difficult to maintain consistent hygiene on platforms and scaffolding due to their size and the number of operatives coming into contact with them.


As COVID-19 has demanded we do things differently in all aspects of our daily lives, the battle to contain and eliminate the virus also demands that we seek alternative solutions to our activities on site. The QAB System provides an alternative solution to MEWPs and access towers which affords greater peace of mind in efforts against coronavirus.


QAB Systems was developed in 2013 as a safe means of working on security fencing without the hassle and restrictions of traditional methods such as scaffolding and MEWPs. Sharing the same function as scaffolding this quick access bracket eliminates issues once faced by these traditional methods, overcoming access and egress allowing the user to work safely on steep terrain.


The QAB System is a handy and portable system which requires far fewer operatives on site in order to safely and effectively carry out 358 mesh fence line projects. Operatives can therefore easily attach access ladders and alloy towers to 358 mesh in order to perform maintenance to video surveillance systems, repair and installation of Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID), electrification systems and razor wire in safer numbers more conducive to social distancing.


The QAB System is lightweight, easily transportable and requires no ground surveys as would be required with powered access, thus reducing the time and frequency on site. This makes for a safer solution throughout the duration of fencing installation and maintenance projects.


Not only that, but the QAB System provides a cost-effective solution where work at height regulations apply.


COVID-19 has demanded that we change the way we work in so many ways. Now is the perfect time to innovate how we work on the installation and maintenance of fence lines in order to create safer and more efficient work sites.


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