JB Corrie: Applying the highest standards to installing security mesh fences


JB Corrie Scotland continues to forge ahead with high-security fencing installations in Scotland, utilising QAB Systems lifting accessories. Working on high-value assets for many years, Corries identified that only QAB Systems could provide a rated Safe System of Work (SSOW) for their 358 welded mesh projects.


Andy Coxall (Project Manager) says “Due to the weight of new security mesh, we needed a system of lifting that wasn’t going to damage the panel and was going to be safe to attach. The QAB brackets spread the load on the wire and we are able to detach them from the fence at ground level. The other fall protective brackets mixed with the ladder systems makes bolting and tensioning easy”


JB Corrie also utilises the QAB system to install Gallagher’s fence electrification systems reducing the requirement for powered access and the necessary ground surveys required to put heavyweight machinery green field sites. With QAB Systems and JB Corrie, security & safety comes as standard.


The partnership to defeat those with criminal intent continues.

Deter, Detect, Defend, Delay, and Deny