HERAS: Raising the Bar on Installation Safety

QAB Systems are pleased to announce that the Market Leaders in Perimeter protection, Heras, are raising the bar on safety by utilising QAB fencing bracket products to assist with their fence installation and perimeter maintenance operations. Heras, operating since 1952 design, manufacture, install and service both temporary and permanent perimeter protection systems including but not limited to entrance control measures and detection systems for a variety of sectors covering governmental sites, public and recreational areas, retail and trade, manufacturing and industrial, utilities and infrastructure in more than 20 countries.


After trialling QAB access, lifting and maintenance systems, Heras installers found that the QAB bracket system not only makes installation safer, easier and quicker but it also satisfies clients requirements for a safe system of work that is rated to perform lifting operations of ever increasing weights of double mesh panels. The systems also have the ability to overcome working at height issues safely and effectively when working on fence top defences.




Panel Tensioning


What HERAS had to say about QAB Systems

Rob Kelemen, Heras Operational Improvement Manager, said “For years we have been using small lifting slings to lift and move mesh, now we have a piece of kit specifically designed and rated for the job. This is going to set a benchmark for other installation and maintenance companies to follow”


What Heras Installers had to say about QAB Systems

Heras’ experienced team of installers found that using the multipurpose brackets both as a handle and step makes maneuvering mesh panels and low level bolting “a doddle”. With ongoing development and innovations from QAB Systems, not only is the safety of installers improved but installation costs are reduced due to less requirement for powered access. The kit is lightweight, easily transportable with no requirement for ground surveys.


But don’t just take the word of the perimeter protection experts, Heras, try QAB Systems brackets for yourself.


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