Fence Tensioning Made Simple: Making a fence look great for handover

Every security fencing installer has seen it, once an install of 358 welded mesh is complete, some of the panels can sometimes bow giving the appearance that it is loose or saggy. This doesn’t look great when your client points it out or you have to return to the site to fix it.

These minor fixes can sometimes be tough to fix due to the fact that once one post and panel are loosened it can affect others in the run. The best solution is to stabilise the loose panel prior to releasing any bolts where it is intended to tension.


The QAB lifting bracket can be utilised in circumstances where minor fence tensioning is required, all that is required is 2 QAB lifting brackets and a small restraining ratchet strap.

The brackets can be positioned close to the top of the fence and secured with the shackles provided. The brackets must be on either side of a vertical post and close to the post. Prior to loosening the retaining bolts on the post, attach each end of the ratchet strap to the brackets and apply a small amount of tension. This will prevent the panels from slackening even more. Once the bolts have been undone sufficiently to allow the fence to move, tighten the ratchet strap to a point where the bow is removed from the fence, then re-tighten the bolts. Be careful not to over tension the strap as this may damage the lifting bracket due to the sideways loading.

If fence tensioning is an issue you face, contact our team member, Gary today by email at gary@qabsystems.com and he can arrange a demonstration to help you overcome this pesky problem.